Mnemonic Symbols

by Kendall Callas

Perhaps you know that WordPerfect offers an array of useful symbols. For example, to produce a section symbol, hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter "V", then type 4,6 and Enter. It works, but those number codes are very hard to remember.

A blessing: Some symbols have easy-to-remember codes. You still press Ctrl+V (for key "value"), but then type just two keys:

To create this symbol Press Ctrl+V then these 2 keys Symbol name
P| Paragraph ¶
© co Copyright ©
® ro Registered trademark ®
NA tm Trademark
NA sm Service mark
½ /2 One half ½
¼ /4 One quarter ¼
o ** Bullet
· *. Small bullet ·
­ - - Em dash ­

(These keystrokes work in WordPerfect for DOS version 5.0 and 5.1. For WordPerfect version 6.0, begin with Ctrl+W instead of Ctrl+V. Results will vary according to your printer's capabilities.)

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