Sample Filename Extensions

by Kendall Callas

As discussed last month, filename extensions make your documents easier to work with. They make it simple to list subsets of your files, such as letters (*.LTR), faxes (*.FAX), memos (*.MMO), etc.

Remember that FILENAME.EXT is the general form of a filename, where .EXT is the optional extension of up to 3 letters, numbers or symbols. Good filenames look like SMITH13.LTR or HEALTH2.POA.

When naming files, you get to make up your own extensions. (For example, some firms like to use .ROG to tag interrogatories, others like .INT) But it's important to standardize within the office so that everyone knows how to list subsets of documents; that way when you type *.FAX or *.LTR you'll get a reliable list, even if you're looking for someone else's files.

Draw from the suggestions below to make your own list, adding extensions for the other types of documents you commonly create. The important thing is to make up your own list, and distribute it to each WordPerfect user in your office.

ACK Acknowledgment GRT Grant POS Proof of Service
ADD Addendum GTY Guaranty PXY Proxy
AFF Affidavit NDX Index QST Questionnaire
AGR Agreement INS Insert REJ Rejection
AMD Amendment INT Interrogatories REL Release
ANS Answer JI Jury Instructions RPY Reply
ART Articles LBL Labels RPT Report
BRF Brief LSE Lease REQ Request
BYL Bylaws LTR Letter RES Resolution
CRT Certificate LIC License RSP Response
COD Codicil LST List SAT Satisfaction
COM Complaint MMO Memo SCH Schedule
CON Consent MIN Minutes SET Settlement
XAN Cross-Answer MOT Motion SMT Statement
XCM Cross-Complaint NOT Notice STP Stipulation
DEC Declaration OAT Oath SUB Subpoena
DEE Deed OFR Offer SDT Subpoena Duces Tecum
DSC Disclosure OPN Opinion SUM Summary
DIS Dismissal ORD Order SUP Supplement
DMD Demand OUT Outline TBL Table
DMR Demurrer PET Petition TOA Table of Authorities
DOT Deed of Trust PLN Plan TOC Table of Contents
DFT Draft PLD Pleading TLX Telex
ESC Escrow P&A Points & Authorities TRN Transcript
EXH Exhibit POA Power of Attorney VER Verification
FAX Facsimile PRO Procedures WIL Will
FRM Form PRM Promissory Note RIT Writ

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