Fast and Simple Keys for Cut and Paste

by Kendall Callas

Newer versions of WordPerfect offer simpler ways of accomplishing common tasks. WordPerfect For Windows and version 6.x of WordPerfect for DOS provide a new, elegant set of keystrokes to perform cut and paste.

The new shortcuts are Ctrl+letter keystrokes:

Copy = Ctrl+C
Cut = Ctrl+X -- Think of the X as scissors blades.
Paste = Ctrl+V -- Think of the V as an editor's arrow or "insert here" mark.

Once you've highlighted the text (or graphic) you wish to move or copy, hold down the Ctrl key and tap the letter C to copy it, or X to move (cut) it. No prompt will appear. Then move to where you want to place it and tap Ctrl+V to insert (paste) it. Of course these functions can be selected from the Edit menu, but once you remember them, it's much faster to use the keystrokes.

These keystrokes work for copying or moving around text within a document, and also between documents. Windows users take note: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V are Windows standard keystrokes and thus work in all Windows applications; this means you can use them to cut and paste between Windows applications (such as e-mail to WordPerfect For Windows, or Quattro to GroupWise, and vice versa).

(These keystrokes work in all versions of WordPerfect For Windows and also WordPerfect for DOS versions since 6.0.)

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