A Macro to Automate Fill-in-the-Blank Forms

by Kendall Callas

Last month's article presented a simple approach to making your own fill-in-the-blank forms with "XX" markers; two Xs to mark each location where typing is needed. This article completes the concept with an easy to record macro (for all DOS or Windows versions of WordPerfect).

To fill out the form, a simple macro can help the typist zip to the next XX marker and delete it. Here are the keystrokes for recording a short and sweet companion macro that makes using XX markers elegantly simple. Before you record the macro, press Enter and type XX, then move your cursor up above it. (Tip: Name the macro with these keys: Alt+X in WP/DOS; in WP/Windows, use Ctrl+Shift+X.)

WP/DOS WP/Windows
Ctrl+F10 Ctrl+F10 to stat recording the macro
Alt+X Ctrl+Shift+X name the macro
F2 F2 to begin the search
XX XX the text to search for
F2 Enter, ESCape to complete the search
Backspace Backspace to delete the XX
Backspace -- (in WP/DOS press Backspace a second time)
Ctrl+F10 Ctrl+F10 to finish recording the macro

Now, to fill in the blanks marked with XX in a format file or Template, simply use this macro as many times as needed to jump to each point where typing is required. (Press Alt+X in DOS; in Windows, press Ctrl+Shift+X.)

ADVANCED TIPS: Readers interested in macro programming may wish to add a prompt, pause, and loop so that pressing Enter after each entry automatically jumps to the next marker. Advanced Template users who prefer the XX marker approach, so that users can type in context, should try defining this macro so that it begins automatically when the Template opens (the "Post New" trigger).

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