History Lists -- a Valuable New Feature

by Kendall Callas

Recent versions of WordPerfect introduced "history lists". These are pull down menus which let you pick from a list of the last ten things you've done, such as documents you've opened, or macros you've played. This makes it very easy to repeat a task. For example, to open the last file you retrieved, go to the File,Open screen, then pull down the history list either with a tap of the down arrow on your keyboard, or with a mouse click on the down arrow symbol at the right edge of the filename field.

These are the most useful history lists:

WordPerfect for Windows (6.0 and later):

WordPerfect for DOS (6.0 and later):

For example, to edit the last file you worked on using WordPerfect for Windows, tap F4, down arrow, enter. To do the same in WordPerfect for DOS, tap Shift+F10, down arrow, enter.

To replay a macro (in all WordPerfect versions since 6.0, DOS or Windows), use Alt+F10, down arrow, enter.

(Note: In WordPerfect for Windows 7.0, the down arrow key cycles through the pick list; to display it, mouse click on the down arrow symbol.)

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