Searching High and Low

by Kendall Callas

WordPerfect for DOS offers several useful ways to search documents. I'm sure you've met the Search key, F2. It's handy for searching within a document to locate a word or phrase. Read on and I'll show you a couple of new ways to use it in WordPerfect for DOS 5.x/6.x. (Okay, here's the surprise: F2 even works in the List Files screen and within the Look feature!)

Let's start with basics, in the text of a document. To begin a forward search (downward), tap the F2 key. To search backward (up), begin with Shift+F2 instead. In WP 6.x, you can also select Backward Search.

In WP 5.x, type the word or phrase in lower case. This is most flexible, causing the search to ignore capitalization. If you wish to be specific, use upper and lower case to type the search text exactly as it appears in the document. For example, if you type Smith with a capital "S", it will not find the smith in blacksmith; if you type smith all in lower case, it will.

In WP 6.x, if you wish to your search to be sensitive to upper/lower case letters, select Case Sensitive Search; then your search will find only instances where the capitalization is matched exactly.

Press F2 again to complete the search (even if you began with Shift+F2). Since the search function remembers what you last searched for, simply tap F2 twice to search again downward (F2,F2). To search again upward you may use either Shift+F2,F2 or Shift+F2,Shift+F2.

Often it is useful to search for codes, such as a Top/Bottom Margin or Tab setting. It's easy to do this. After beginning your search with F2 or Shift+F2, in WP 5.x, press the keystrokes you would use to create the code you seek. For example, to locate a Tab Set code, press F2, then Format/Shift+F8, 1/Line, 7/Tab Set. Normally you can do this blindfolded, but some codes require careful choice from a menu, such as Line Spacing.

In WP 6.x, to insert codes into your search text, tap the F5 key to select codes such as HRt, HPg, Lft Mar, or Tab Set from a menu. Use the Shift+F5 keystroke to insert codes with specific numbers, such as Left Margin=1" or Font Size=12pt.

Extended search ferrets out hidden text, even if it's buried within a header or footer, footnote or endnote, or a graphic box caption. To use this feature, tap the Home key prior to F2 (or Shift+F2, or Alt+F2). Or, if you use WP 6.x, select Extended Search from your search options.

F2 In List Files

The best is yet ahead! The F2 Search function works in not just the document screen, but also in the F5/List Files screen and even in the Look feature!

F2 is also useful in searching for filenames or parts thereof. Tap F5/List Files, then Enter, to see a list of your files. Perhaps you can't remember if you named that file SMITH.ROG or SMITHROG? To search within the filenames (but not directory names), tap F2, type ROG, and F2 to finish. Voila!

F2 works within the Look feature as well! At the F5/List Files screen, point to a file and tap Enter or 6/Look to view it. Tap F2, type the word or phrase you seek, and F2 to finish. If found, you'll see the search text highlighted for easy spotting.

Now, I know you'll find what you're looking for!

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