WordPerfect Support

by Kendall Callas

Answers by Phone

Telephone technical support for current versions of WordPerfect is available from Corel at these numbers (5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mountain time):

801-765-4022 DOS 5.1+
801-765-4023 DOS 6.0
801-765-4024 DOS 6.1/6.2
801-765-4025 Windows 5.2+
801-765-4026 Windows 6.0
801-765-4041 Windows 6.1
801-765-4055 Windows 7.0
801-765-4044 Suites 6/7/8

For a 24-hour verbal or fax list of Corel tech support numbers call 800-321-5906.

During periods of heavy demand, you may have to wait on hold ten or twenty minutes. To reduce your wait, avoid peak times, such as Monday mornings. Call Fridays at the end-of-day for quickest response.

Answers by E-mail

You can entirely avoid waiting on hold if you're willing to be patient. Try e-mail!

Address Corel WordPerfect questions to:
Typical response is within 1 or 2 days. E-mail works best for questions that are relatively simple and don't require back and forth interaction.

Tip: Also ask for directions on further research (in case their answer is insufficient), such as the numbers of related faxback documents.

Corel e-mail support is available for WordPerfect for DOS versions 5.1+ and 6.x, and for Windows versions 6.x, 7.0, and 8.0. Corel asks that you include your WordPerfect PIN, license, or serial number.

WordPerfect Keyboard Templates

If you are using WordPerfect 7 or 8, you've probably noticed that Corel no longer includes a function key template -- the handy plastic strip that defines the function keys. WordPerfect for Windows 6.1 users don't need a new one; the template for WP Win 7.0 is the same as for 6.1. (The template for WP Win 8.0 has only one or two insignificant changes.)

While the function keys are no longer critical (replaced by menus), the template is still helpful. Function keys are still the fastest way to access many of the most frequently-used features; for example, in WordPerfect for Windows, use F1 for Help, F2 to search/replace, F4 for FileOpen, F5 to print, F7 to indent, F8 to highlight, F9 for fonts.

If you want a function key template, don't call Corel; apparently to cut costs, they no longer produce them. If you have Internet access, you can print your own by pointing your browser to: ftp://ftp.corel.com/pub/WordPerfect/wpwin/70/ to get the file KBTEMPLT.WPD

You can also purchase durable plastic 4-color templates from two mail-order sources:

- DataCal, $10, 800-223-0123.
- TDA Help, $5, 800-624-2101.

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