Two WordPerfect for Windows Secrets

by Kendall Callas

Here are a couple of real time-savers that work in all versions of WordPerfect for Windows:

Zip through lists by typing a letter or two.

There are lots of lists in WordPerfect -- files, directories, printers, paper sizes, styles, etc. You can use them faster if you take advantage of the automatic search function active any time you are working in a list.

For example, display the File Open dialog box, click in the list of files, then type a letter or two -- the initial characters of one of the filenames displayed -- and the pointer will skip down to select that file. (This feature is just like the old Name search ("N") available at List Files in DOS versions of WordPerfect.)

To begin again (to skip to a different entry), reset the search this way: In WP 6.1, use tab, arrow key, or mouse to move and that will reset the search; in WP 7 or 8, the search resets after a brief pause (about 2 seconds).

Actually, this feature is actually available in all Windows programs. For example, open the Control Panel and press the letter "D" to move the highlighting to select the Date/Time icon.

I think you'll find this feature is quite handy at the FileOpen screen, and in choosing from lists of printers, styles, and paper sizes.

Multiple clicks to select a word/sentence/paragraph.

To select text, you can use your mouse to good effect. Click your left mouse button to highlight a word/sentence/paragraph. Point into the desired text, then:

- 2 clicks select a word
- 3 clicks select a sentence
- 4 clicks select a paragraph.

This task requires one click fewer if you click within the left margin, lined up with the desired sentence or paragraph -- 2 clicks select a sentence, 3 clicks select a paragraph.

(In all Windows programs, 2 clicks select a word.)

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