Love Your Mouse — WordPerfect for Windows Tips

by Kendall Callas

Chron sort

When using the File Open screen to view your list of files, to see them in chronological order, simply click on the "Modified" column heading. In fact, WordPerfect for Windows 7 or 8 lets you click on any column heading ("Name", "Size", "Type") to order the files that way. Click a second time to reverse the order. (In version 6.1 sort files this way at File, Open: click the Setup button and change "Sort By:" from "Filename" to "Date/Time".)

Drag lines with your mouse

This feature alone is enough to make you love your mouse. Any time you see a vertical line you need to adjust — the left margin, for example — try to drag it. Sight carefully with your mouse until the mouse's arrow pointer changes to show a double-headed arrow. Now move the line by holding down your left mouse button while rolling your mouse left or right.

In WordPerfect for Windows version 7.0 and later, you can drag to adjust the width of: the columns of a Table, text Columns, and the columns of information displayed in the File Open or Address Book screens. You can also use your mouse to drag all four edges of: the page (top, bottom, left, and right margins), the borders of a graphic, and dialog boxes (such as the CTRL+W symbols). (In version 6.1, you can drag column widths in a Table, but little else.)

Set tabs with the ruler bar

The Ruler Bar allows you to see your tab settings arrayed as tiny triangles on an inch ruler across the top of your screen. You can easily set and delete tabs on the ruler bar with your mouse: Carefully sight with your mouse pointer just below the horizontal ruler line and left click to place a tab setting, drag a triangle down off the line to delete it, or right click for a menu from which to select the type of tab setting (left, center, decimal, etc.) that left clicking will place. You may also adjust your left and right margins by using your mouse to drag the white-on-black arrow symbols at the left or right edge of the ruler bar. Turn the Ruler Bar on or off in WordPerfect 6.1 and 8.0 with View, Ruler; in version 7.0, use View, Toolbars/Ruler and select Ruler Bar.

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