Hot Keys for DOS and Windows Users

by Kendall Callas

The END is only a keystroke away

For a quick trip to the end of the line, tap the key marked END. Tap it to jump the cursor to the right edge in any situation where you wish to move the cursor — while typing a document, while editing a filename, while previewing a wide document, etc.

CTRL+Backspace deletes word

When editing, it's handy to delete an entire word at a time. Starting with your cursor on any letter of the word, hold down the CTRL key and tap Backspace. Hold down both keys to repeat, and it will gobble up the remainder of the current paragraph.

CTRL+Arrows to navigate

The CTRL key is central to navigating within your document screen. To accelerate cursor movement, hold down CTRL while you press an arrow key:

Paragraph up
Word left < CTRL > Word right
Paragraph down

Undo as a last resort

CTRL+Z is the "undo" key — it reverses your last change of any kind: typing, deleting, placing or editing settings, etc. (You can also find it in the menu under Edit, Undo.) In WordPerfect for Windows, you can press CTRL+Z repeatedly to undo your last 10 changes (can be set for more), even changes made in prior sessions (the undo layers are saved with the document). In WordPerfect for DOS 6.0 and later, it reverses only your last change.

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