More WordPerfect for Windows Secrets

by Kendall Callas

Next Doc key

You can work on up to 9 documents at a time in WordPerfect for Windows; much better than the two you could switch between in WP for DOS 5.1. When you've opened more than one document window, CTRL+F6 is a handy key for rotating between them, much easier than selecting from the Window command.

Save often

If you've worked with computers for long, you've probably lost a bit of work here and there. The answer is to save frequently to improve the safety of your work. CTRL+S is a crisp keystroke that makes it easy (same as File, Save). Before taking that break or answering that phone call, simply hold down the CTRL key and tap the letter "S" to save the work you've accumulated on-screen. Once saved to disk, your document is safe from power interruption, machine malfunction, or in case you forget to save.

Introduce yourself

Make sure WordPerfect knows your name by using the Tools, Settings command (Edit, Preferences in WordPerfect 6.x and 7) and choose Environment. In WordPerfect for Windows 6.0 and later, the name specified will be recorded in the document summary as the default “author” and “typist” of each document created from now on. The name and initials are also useful in macro and merge programming (via system variables). Specify your initials and pick a color, too; they will be used in the left margin to flag comments. The name and initials can also be easily inserted into comments from the feature bar visible while typing a comment.

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