Easy to Remember Symbol Codes

by Kendall Callas

Symbols are a fun and useful feature of word processing. Modern versions of WordPerfect allow you to pick them from a menu, old version required you to type #,# codes (such as 4,6 for a section symbol). The fastest and easiest way has always been to type special mnemonic codes, such as P | (capital "P", split vertical bar) for a paragraph symbol ¶.

Here's how it works. If you use WordPerfect for DOS 5.0/5.1/5.1+, begin with Ctrl+V. Begin with Ctrl+W if you use any version of WordPerfect for Windows, or WordPerfect for DOS 6.0 or later. Then type a 2-character code such as co for a copyright © symbol, finishing with the Enter key. Here's a list of the mnemonic codes for symbols useful in a law office:

To create this symbol
Press Ctrl+V or Ctrl+W
then these 2 keys

Symbol name
P | Paragraph ¶
© c o Copyright ©
® r o Registered trademark ®
NA t m Trademark
NA s m Service mark
½ / 2 One half ½
¼ / 4 One quarter ¼
o * * Bullet
· * . Small bullet ·
­ - - Em dash ­
¢ c / cent ¢
£ L - Pound sterling £
¥ Y = Yen ¥
ƒ f - Fench franc ƒ

Sorry, there is no mnemonic code for the section symbol. If you use WordPerfect for DOS 6.x, you'll see more symbols if you first switch to View, Graphics Mode or Ctrl+F3.

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