WordPerfect Tips for DOS and Windows

by Kendall Callas

Deja vu in the key of down

I suppose it's only human, but I find that I often repeat myself. Well, now WordPerfect helps me. History lists let you pick from a menu of the last 10 things you worked on -- files you've opened, text you've searched for, and macros you've played or recorded. This makes it very easy to repeat a task.

To see the past, tap the down arrow key at these menus:

For example, to replay a macro, use Alt+F10, tap the down arrow, then press Enter.

Select first to apply features locally

Normally, settings like margins, tabs, fonts, and line spacing effect all of the text in a document downward from the point where the code is placed.

Since WordPerfect 6.0 and later (for both DOS and Windows), you can limit features to effect just a limited area by highlighting first, then choosing the feature.

For example, to change margins for just a few paragraphs, first highlight the text, then make the margin change. If you interrupt spell check, you may continue by highlighting the remainder of the document, then engaging spell check.

This technique is also helpful with features such as line spacing, tabs, justification, font style, font size, bold, italics, underline, block protect, word and letter spacing, etc.

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