WPWin: The Keys Have It

by Kendall Callas

The mouse makes it easy to peruse menus at a leisurely pace, but for speed, keystrokes can't be beat. As I've said here before, quit mousing around! Here are a few reminders about working quickly using the keyboard in WordPerfect for Windows. (The tips below assume you are using the default WPWin keyboard setting.)

The HOME and END keys make basic movements easy:

(Beginning of document)

HOME <       > END    
(Beginning of line)               (End of line)        
(End of document)

Function keys — still valuable after all these years

Clicking menus requires coordination of hand and eye. Function keys are faster — you don't even have to look up. Try a quick tap:

Ctrl+letter shortcuts — easy to use, easy to remember

To keep your fingers even closer to the home row on your keyboard, WordPerfect for Windows offers fast control key alternatives to using the menus.

For easy cut and paste:

Some very convenient functions were added in WordPerfect for Windows version 6.0 and later:

... and for easy justification:

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