Add a Button for Today's Date

by Kendall Callas

One handy task WordPerfect for Windows can easily do for you is to type the current date into your document. Ctrl+D is an easy keystroke to insert today's date at the cursor position. But if you (or your users) don't like to memorize keystrokes, a nice solution is to create a date button. This offers the added benefit of making the date constantly visible for quick reference on-screen.

In WordPerfect for Windows (versions 6.x/7/8/9), find the bar at the bottom of your screen, where it says "Insert", "Pg ... Ln ... Pos ...", etc. Point to it with your mouse (anywhere is okay) and tap your right mouse button. From the QuickMenu that pops up, choose "Settings" ("Preferences" in WP 6.x/7). From the list of available elements, click to check the box beside "Date" (in WordPerfect 8/9 you must click the box itself, not the word "Date"). (In WordPerfect 8/9, you'll also want to double click the tiny calendar page, which has just appeared at the bottom right of your screen, to make it expand into a visible date.) Click OK, and it's permanent.

Now you'll never again forget the date or mistype it! Simply click (double click in WP 6.x/7) your new date button to insert today's date (as text, not a floating code) into your document at the cursor position. Voila.

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