WordPerfect Skills Quiz

by Kendall Callas

As a WordPerfect consultant and trainer, one of my greatest challenges over the years has been to convince law firms of the value of training. So here's a quiz to help you measure your skill level.

If you get all the answers right, take the day off!
If you get 16 to 20 right, you need 2 hours of training.
If you get 5 to 15 right, you need 4 hours of training.
If you get less than 5 right, I recommend you invest in 6 hours of training!

(These questions and answers apply to WordPerfect for Windows versions 5.x/6.x/7/8/9 unless noted.)


  1. What keystroke deletes the word the cursor is touching?
  2. Which key moves the cursor to the right edge of the line?
  3. What keystroke combination selects the text from the cursor through the right edge of the line?
  4. How can you directly move the cursor to the top of page 5?
  5. What single key brings up the FileOpen screen?
  6. How can you move the cursor downward paragraph by paragraph?
  7. How can you move the cursor to the right word by word?
  8. Which Ctrl key is used to copy selected text? ... to paste it?
  9. How can you "interrogate" screen elements to modify them?
  10. Which Ctrl key works in all Windows programs to open a file? ... print? ... save?
  11. Which toolbar icon opens a new blank document screen?
  12. Which Ctrl key is the universal Windows close command.
  13. What keystroke moves the cursor downward page by page?
  14. How can you use your mouse to add a date button to the bar at the bottom of the screen?
  15. How can you search for a tab setting code?
  16. How do you set the font for the whole document, including headers, footers, and footnotes?
  17. How do you create a new directory?
  18. How can you find the documents that contain "John Smith" or "John Q. Smith" or "Smith, John"?
  19. What's the easiest way to replace one word with another, for example, to change the word "yesterday" to "tomorrow"?
  20. How do you add rows to a table?
  21. How do you break the page (force a new page) or break the column?
  22. Where do you set the initials and color used to flag a comment?
  23. What two keystrokes will print the document?
  24. What's the easiest way to edit a code, like a Tab Setting or a Column Definition?
  25. What feature allows you to create abbreviations most efficiently?
  26. How do you delete a row in a table?
  27. What's the easiest way to capitalize a word or selected text?
  28. How can I select from the cursor position to a specific character, for example, a period?
  29. What's the easiest way to sum the numbers in one column of a table?
  30. How do you create a form that will automatically include the current date?


  1. Ctrl+Backspace.
  2. The END key.
  3. Shift+END
  4. Press Ctrl+G (“Goto”), type 5, then press Enter.
  5. F4.
  6. Ctrl+down arrow.
  7. Ctrl+right arrow.
  8. Ctrl+C to copy; Ctrl+V to paste — these keystrokes work in all Windows programs!
  9. Right click ... on the menu bar, toolbar, text, Application bar (at screen bottom), or (at the FileOpen screen) on a file or on white space.
  10. Ctrl+O to open, Ctrl+P to print, Ctrl+S to save.
  11. The first icon (leftmost).
  12. Ctrl+F4.
  13. Alt+PgDn.
  14. Right click on it, select Settings or Preferences, then select Date.
  15. Tap F2, select Match then Codes, type "Tab Set", click Insert, click Find Next.
  16. Select File, Document, then Default Font. (In WP6.x/7, use Format, Document, Initial Font.)
  17. At the FileOpen screen, right click in some white space, select New, then Folder.
  18. Bring up the FileOpen screen, type "John Smith" (in the "File name" field — don't type the quote marks), then click the Find button (bottom center). (In WP6.x/7, choose QuickFinder from the FileOpen screen.)
  19. Use your mouse to double click on "yesterday", then type "tomorrow".
  20. Place the cursor in the last cell, then press the Tab key.
  21. Ctrl+Enter.
  22. Tools, Settings, Environment in WP8/9; Edit, Preferences, Environment in WP6.x/7.
  23. F5, Enter.
  24. Double click the code in Reveal Codes.
  25. QuickCorrect (Tools, QuickCorrect).
  26. Select the entire row, tap the DELete key, then press Enter.
  27. Ctrl+K. Press it again to toggle between upper and lower case.
  28. F8, period. To select from the cursor to a comma, use F8, comma; to the end of the paragraph, use F8, Enter. Once selected, tap Backspace to delete it, Ctrl+B to bold, Ctrl+U to underline, Ctrl+I to italicize, etc.
  29. Use your mouse to point to the (empty) cell below the numbers, right click, and select “QuickSum”.
  30. Create a merge document (Tools, Merge, Form), then click the DATE button to place a {DATE} merge code where needed. (Use of Insert, Date to place a date code is a bad answer; you are left without a record of the actual date on the document sent out.)

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