Keyboard Templates

by Kendall Callas

The function keys in WordPerfect are much less important nowadays. The menu (in both WP for DOS and Windows) largely replaces them. Presumably, that is why a plastic keyboard template no longer comes in the box.

Nevertheless, several function keys are still extremely valuable because they are simple and fast. For example, several basic functions are only one keystroke away (in WordPerfect for Windows):

I recommend that every user memorize the 4 keystrokes above because they're so direct and easy.

Other function keys are important (especially for users migrating to a new version) because they are identical in all versions of WordPerfect (for DOS or Windows):

A couple others are useful because they are only slightly changed:

Feature WP for DOS WP for Windows -- just add 1
Center Shift+F6 Shift+F7
Flush Right Alt+F6 Alt+F7

To label the function keys with their definitions, a paper or plastic template should be attached to every keyboard. (Note: The template for WordPerfect for Windows is unchanged since version 7.0.) Here are the main sources:

So, for free or a few dollars per keyboard, you can make every user just a little bit more efficient. Splurge!

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