Update Wordperfect 8
to Open More Microsoft Word Documents

by Kendall Callas

If you use WordPerfect 8, here are two steps that will help you import a wider array of Microsoft Word documents.

Step #1: Visit the Corel downloads web site: http://www.corel.com/support/downloads

Generally, resources here include updates, patches, printer drivers, and the occasional white paper. Click your version number to see a list of files you can download simply by clicking on the filename.

Available at this site is a set of conversion filters for MS Word 97 and Excel 97 files; also available is the latest WordPerfect update, "Service Pack 7".

The file WP8CNV97.EXE patches WP8 so that you can open MS Word 97 documents and Excel 97 spreadsheets. You don't need these conversion filters if you've already applied Service Pack 4, or have version or higher. (Use the command Help, About to check your "Program release" number.) If you have a version lower than, you must first apply Service Pack 2.

You'll want to download Service Pack 7, the latest WordPerfect program update, if you have a high speed Internet connection or are having other problems that you hope to solve by updating. It is over 18 megabytes, so it will take a while if you're using a dial-up modem. It includes the Word 97 and Excel 97 conversion filters in the patch above (WP8CNV97.EXE) and many other miscellaneous bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements. If you have the WP8 Legal Edition, make sure you download the Legal Edition Service Pack 7 (25 megabytes).

Whether you download just the conversion filters in WP8CNV97.EXE (only 1.7 megabytes) or the much bulkier Service Pack 7, once the download is complete, run the program file you downloaded and it will replace key WordPerfect files with updated code.

Step #2: Run Setup

Additionally, if you'd like to be able to open documents created with MS Word versions 4.0 - 5.5, no download is required, all you need to do is run the WordPerfect setup program to add them. In an ordinary installation, only one or two of the three "Conversion Sets" are installed; to get all three, you must perform a "Custom" install. Here are the steps (takes about 15 minutes):

  1. Run the Setup program from your Corel WordPerfect CD (it will automatically start upon insertion)
  2. Work through the first few screens, then choose "Custom" as the Installation Type
  3. Click the "Selection Options" button
  4. Select "Deselect All", then click OK
  5. Scroll down the list and click to check the box left of "Accessories"
  6. Click the "Components" button
  7. Click to deselect all the elements except "Conversions, Viewers, Tools" (answer "Yes" to any messages)
  8. Click to highlight the words "Conversions, Viewers, Tools"
  9. Click the "Components" button
  10. Click to deselect all the elements except "Conversion Filters" (answer "Yes" to any messages)
  11. Click to highlight the words "Conversion Filters"
  12. Click the "Components" button
  13. Click to deselect "Graphics Conversions" (only "Text Conversions" should now be checked)
  14. Click to highlight the words "Text Conversions"
  15. Click the "Components" button
  16. Assure that all 3 "Conversion Sets" are checked
  17. Finish by clicking OK several times, then Next, then Install.

Now you'll have much better success working with a wider array of Microsoft Word documents, including: