Free E-mail Support for Installation Problems

by Kendall Callas

Every once in a while, a small step is perceptible in the evolutionary improvement of society. Just so, we now have a better way to get answers about WordPerfect. Exploiting the efficiency of e-mail, Corel has introduced a new resource for WordPerfect users in need of help.

E-mail may now be used to submit questions to Corel tech support. So you can skip waiting on hold and save the toll call if your problem is easily communicated via e-mail. The catch is that e-mail may be used only for installation or configuration issues.

According to Corel, the new policy provides unlimited, free e-mail support for all current Windows platform products. Support covers installation and configuration issues for Corel products (excluding Linux products). They promise that most e-mail queries will be answered within 1 business day.

So take advantage of this opportunity and get some answers if you have questions about installing or configuring WordPerfect such as networking the Address Book ... importing calendars ... transferring abbreviations ... converting macros or templates ... or other migration issues.

Check the FAQs first to see if your question has already been answered:

Then submit the details at their web site:

(Though you'll note references to a 90-day trial, e-mail support is now a permanent resource.)

System Info

The web form used to submit requests for e-mail tech support asks for a host of technical details that typical users may not understand, such as CPU, RAM, Video card, Windows release, etc. To answer these questions, see a listing of your system and hardware specifications by using this WordPerfect command: Help, About then click the button on the right labeled “System Info”. Note the “Choose a category” choice at top to see System, Display, or other sets of specs.

Your WordPerfect version number is shown at the Help, About screen, near the bottom right; it looks like this:

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