Make Menus Easier to Read

by Kendall Callas

[This tip applies to all Windows programs, including WordPerfect and MS Word.]

I've noticed in visits to many client installations that large monitors tend to display the Word and WordPerfect menu bar in a font so small that it is dificult to read from 1 or 2 feet away.

As computer monitors increase in size, and as many of us coast past the age of 40, it's helpful to take a simple step that will make your system's Menu font larger and bolder.

Follow the instructions below to make the Start menu easier to read, as well as the menu bar in all Windows applications, including WordPerfect and MS Word.

For Windows 95 and 98, here are the steps:

  1. Left click on the Start button (or tap the Windows button on your keyboard),
  2. select Settings
  3. select Control Panel
  4. double click on Display
  5. click the Appearance tab (at top center)

    In the lower left quadrant:

  6. click the down arrow at right of the field labeled "Item" to select "Menu"
  7. just below that, click the down arrow at right of the field labeled "Font" to select "System"*
  8. click OK.
  9. Close the Control Panel.
Should you decide later that you'd like to restore the default Menu font setting, it is:
MS Sans Serif,* 8 point.

* On some systems the font names appear as: "MS Sans Serif (Western)" and "System (Western)"

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