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by Kendall Callas

OSHA Ergonomics Rules Repealed

Recent federal regulations which would have taken effect in October have been cancelled. President Bush reversed course on the OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard passed into law in January.

Don't think that now you can forget about it. The rules would have merely provided added motivation for productivity techniques that you would be wise to employ anyway. In the interest of higher profitability and morale, lower absenteeism and turnover, and reduced workers comp expenses, you should be using training, macros, and templates to save time, avoid rework, and reduce stress and human wear and tear.

Spring Release for WordPerfect Office 2002

Corel has announced that the next version of WordPerfect, incorporated in the suite titled WordPerfect ® Office 2002, will be released in the spring of 2001. This manifests Corel's policy, announced two years ago, that a new version of WordPerfect will be released annually.

The suite "will include many new and improved features designed to make work easier and to save time. Variables, a new feature in WordPerfect 10, lets users insert a variable in multiple places throughout a document and have all instances automatically replaced with a specified block of text. WordPerfect 10 and Corel ® Presentations ™ 10 allow users to export files to PDF format in a single step. Tables in WordPerfect 10 and Charts in Quattro ® Pro 10 have also been improved." WordPerfect 10 will also include the Pocket Oxford Dictionary.

"Existing WordPerfect customers will be eligible to receive the upgrade price of $159 for the Standard Edition of the suite or $259 for the Professional Edition. The full version of WordPerfect Office 2002 Standard Edition will be available for $399 and the full version of the Professional Edition will be available for $499. Prices are subject to change. Dealers may sell for less."

"WordPerfect Office 2002 Standard Edition will feature the latest versions of the core applications - WordPerfect® 10, Quattro® Pro 10, Corel® Presentations™ 10 and CorelCENTRAL™ 10. In addition to these applications, the Professional Edition will include the powerful database Paradox® 10 and the voice-recognition software Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 5.0."

Two Corel-sponsored seminars

For more information on either seminar, contact Tracey McKinlay at traceymc@corel.com or (613) 728-0826, ext. 5990.

BASF WordPerfect User Group

The WordPerfect User Group of the Bar Association of San Francisco meets at lunchtime every other month (May 16, July 18, September 19 -- the 3rd Wednesday of each odd-numbered month) in the Bar Association offices in downtown San Francisco, 465 California Street at Montgomery, 11th floor, in the Boardroom.

Visit with us to compare notes, victories, defeats, problems, and solutions. Learn productivity tips, advanced features, macro basics, and strategies for success. It's free, no registration required. Bring your lunch, questions, and enthusiasm! For more details, contact Alvin Buchignani, (415) 421-5650.

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