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by Kendall Callas

New Phone Number for Corel Tech Support

On May 30, Corel tech support changes telephone numbers. The new number for “Classic” phone support is (613) 274-0500.

WordPerfect 10 Ships

The latest issue of WordPerfect, version 10, shipped May 1st as part of the Corel® WordPerfect® Office 2002 suite. Street price is as low as $410 for the Professional version, $330 for the Standard version. Upgrade pricing is $250 for Professional, $150 for Standard. Available at Buy.com, Amazon.com, TigerDirect.com, and direct from Corel (1-800-772-6735).

Corel press releases say that “over 70% of the new features and enhancements are based directly on feedback from customers ... with several new add-ons and enhancements to popular features such as Publish to PDF, file sharing, Corel® RealTime Preview and more ...”

I haven't had a chance to study the improvements yet, but Corel claims WordPerfect 10 offers these new or improved features:

Corel has also improved the rest of the suite, including:

Upgrade Policy. Customers who have a purchased copy of Corel WordPerfect 5.0 or higher, CorelDRAW 3® or higher, Microsoft® Office 95 or higher, or Lotus® SmartSuite® 97 or higher can purchase WordPerfect Office 2002 at the upgrade price.

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