Double Duty Keystrokes: Word and WordPerfect Shortcuts - Part 4

by Kendall Callas

“Quit mousing around!” is the best advice I give my clients to save time, reduce errors, and avoid wrist strain. Commands and typing are faster if you train yourself to avoid the mouse as much as possible and use keystrokes, keeping your fingers on the home row. The keys below work identically in both Microsoft Word for Windows and WordPerfect for Windows:

Escape to Cancel

Tap ESCape to abort operations or back away from menus. Don't waste time using your mouse to click the Cancel button.

F1 for Help

Tap function key F1 to start the help system for useful screens of context sensitive information (or select Help from the menu).

F8 to Select

Tap function key F8 to turn select on at the cursor position. Then use movement keystrokes like Home, End, PgUp, arrows, Ctrl+Home, etc. to expand the highlighting to cover the desired text. You may also take advantage of the one-key search feature that is automatically turned on: tap any typewriter key to extend the highlighting to that character (any letter or number key; period to select through the end of the sentence, Enter to highlight through the end of the paragraph, etc.). Once you've highlighted the text you want to work on, apply features like bold/italics/underline, delete the highlighted text with the Backspace key, or simply type over it. Tap F8 again to turn select off.

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