WordPerfect Notes

by Kendall Callas

I met recently with a Corel rep in town for LegalTech and learned a few bits of WordPerfect news that might interest you.

Corel Discontinues “Law Office” Versions

Corel has decided not to release a Law Office version of its 2002 office suite. WordPerfect Law Office 2000 included WordPerfect 9, HotDocs, Deal Proof, WestCiteLink, Amicus Attorney Organizer, NexLaw, and Black's Law Dictionary. Apparently the bundle of software did not succeed in the marketplace. The Corel stance is that users may still purchase those 3rd party programs separately and that much of the legal functionality within the generic version of WordPerfect (now augmented by a new feature called Variables in WordPerfect 10) is preserved by the Legal toolbar which has been retained.

WordPerfect Service Pack 2

As usual, the timing of software development is often driven by marketing considerations. Once the initial (“.0”) version has been released, then there is time to go back to fix the last few bugs, optimize for speed, and polish the documentation. Corel policy is to release these software updates quarterly. Word is that the update for WordPerfect 10 (WordPerfect® Office 2002), called Service Pack 2, will be released in “Fall”.

Custom Install Required for Best Microsoft Word Conversion

When installing the WordPerfect suite, if you choose the “Typical install”, you will not get all the conversion filters helpful in transferring documents between WordPerfect and MS Word. Make sure to select “Custom install” and click to select every conversion filter to get all those helpful with MS Word.

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