Backing Up the Address Book

by Kendall Callas

> How does one backup the address book?

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The Address Book in WordPerfect for Windows has become more and more important over the years as it's features have improved and e-mail has become more important to computer users. Consequently, the value of the rolodex collected in the Address Book has increased, so it is especially important to assure it gets backed up, since the C: drive default location often means it is not included in normal system backup procedures.

In WordPerfect 10 (Suite 2002), to backup the Address Book database:

  1. Go to your “My Documents” directory (most likely C:\My Documents),
  2. Open the CCWin10 directory,
  3. Open the AddrBk directory,
  4. Copy all folders there to a diskette.

In WordPerfect 9 (Suite 2000), to backup the Address Book:

  1. Go to your “My Documents” directory (most likely C:\My Documents),
  2. Open the CCWin9 directory,
  3. Open the Address Book directory,
  4. Copy all files there to a diskette.

In WordPerfect 8:

  1. use Tools, Address Book to open the Address Book,
  2. select Book, Properties to reveal the directory and name of the selected Address Book (most likely C:\Corel\Suite8\Shared\Address\Database).
  3. Copy that file to diskette.

In WordPerfect 7, backup all files in C:\Corel\Office7\Shared\Address7\Database

In WordPerfect 6.1 , the Address Book (available only for templates that use address info) is stored in the default template, STANDARD.WPT.

  1. Determine it's location by using Edit, Preferences,
  2. double click on the File icon,
  3. select Template,
  4. Copy the filename indicated to diskette.

By backing up the Address Book file(s), you can increase the safety of an increasingly important WordPerfect resource.

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