WordPerfect News

by Kendall Callas

WordPerfect 10 Update

An important software update to WordPerfect 10 (Corel WordPerfect Office 2002) is hot off the presses. “Service Pack 2” can now be ordered on CD by calling (800) 772-6735 (800-77COREL). Download it via the web by clicking on “2002” at www.corel.com/support/downloads

You'll need it to fix a number of small bugs, including: if you want to use the paper trays in your printer. Without this update you can use only the default tray and manual feed tray. You'll also want this update to speed up disk access and the Address Book.

Macro Manual Online

The macro manual for WordPerfect 9 is available free on the Internet as a PDF file. The “WordPerfect Office 2000 PerfectScript and Macro User Guide” is available via Adobe Acrobat at this URL (just type it into your web browser address field):

If you want it on paper the easy way, order from the Corel Order Desk, 800-772-6735. No WP10 macro manual (for the 2002 suite) is available as yet.

The macro manual for WP9 is a single slim volume ($23 plus shipping), an advanced guide for programmers, covering variables, arrays, program structure, dialog boxes, and callback loops, with several fully-commented examples.

For WP8, two thick volumes ($66 plus shipping) present what you would expect in a programming reference, with lists of system variables and commands and their syntax, but sparse examples. The WP8 and WP9 macro manuals are not redundant, I recommend you get both.

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