Reset WordPerfect Features

by Kendall Callas

Like rebooting your PC, sometimes when things get flaky, you need to remove problems by starting from scratch. Here are three techniques for WordPerfect for Windows that will help you reset WordPerfect features:

Default Template

A group of settings is conveniently stored in a package called the default template. This file holds the menu, toolbars, styles, keystroke assignments, template macros, and QuickWords available in your next blank document window (File, New). If you experience frequent lock-ups or slow loading, resetting this file can help.

Check the location and name of your default template as follows:

To reset, simply delete or, more safely, rename this file. What you will lose: any customizations you have made to menus, toolbars, styles, keystroke assignments, template macros, or QuickWords.

Template Menu

Over time, deadwood can accumulate on your template list (such as deleted templates or templates with the wrong name or path). Or perhaps you're ready to roll out a new set of templates for all users on your network and want to rest their template menu. To reset (or “refresh”) the template menu (File, New from Project or Ctrl+T) in WordPerfect 9 or 10, delete (or rename) the file PROJECTS.USR. To locate this file, use the Windows find or search feature on your START button. Once deleted, this will force a new list to be generated the next time you look at your template menu.

Paper Sizes

If you're having trouble with the File, Page Setup list of paper sizes — perhaps a new paper size keeps disappearing or settings won't “stick” — here are 2 tips on how to reset the list of paper sizes in WordPerfect 8, 9, or 10.

First, in WP10, try a simple button: Go to the File menu and choose Page Setup. Then click on the button named “Restore”, in the middle, near the top. This will reset paper sizes for the “Standard page types” or “Printer page types”, whichever is selected to it's left.

In WP9, go to File, Page Setup, then click the Options button at bottom right to select “Regenerate”, then choose “All Sizes From Printer”.

If that doesn't work, edit the Windows Registry where many system details are stored. Hit the Windows START button and select Run. Type REGEDIT and press Enter. In the upper left quadrant, carefully click on the plus (+) symbol to the left of each of the following:

    + Software
       + Corel

Now click once to select (highlight) the following, depending on your WordPerfect version:
- PrintEngine — in WP 10
- PerfectPrint — in WP 8 or 9

... and delete it by pressing the DELete key on your keyboard and answer Yes to confirm deletion.

All paper size/type codes have now been reset to the default forms (they will be recreated upon restarting WordPerfect).

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