WordPerfect News

by Kendall Callas

Windows XP Compatible

Several clients have asked if they'll get in trouble by upgrading to Microsoft Windows XP. No problem. The word from Corel is that these versions of WordPerfect for Windows run fine under Windows XP: WP9 Service Pack 4 and WP10 Service Pack 2.

WordPerfect Comeback

Corel now has deals in place with Sony, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell to bundle WordPerfect and Quattro Pro as part of the pre-installed software package on their consumer and small-business PCs. Corel projects that five million copies of their software will be injected into the marketplace next year.

E-mail Support Discontinued

If you ever used Corel tech support via e-mail (www.corel.com/support/options) and found it as convenient and inexpensive as I did, then I'm sorry to inform you that it has been discontinued.

WordPerfect 10 Forms Bug Fixed

If you've had trouble in WordPerfect 10 setting paper size/type codes (for example, to assign paper trays), this bug has been fixed in WP10 Service Pack 2, “Hotpatch 3", available from www.corel.com/support/downloads

WordPerfect 10 Service Pack 3 Out Soon

WordPerfect 10 is stable and has useful new features (such as a new feature called “Variables” for fill-in-the-blank forms). If for some reason you're waiting for any other bug fixes (if you are, drop me a line and tell me why), Corel says that Service Pack 3 will be released “in a few months”.

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