Table of Authorities

by Kendall Callas

Four steps are used to create a Table of Authorities (ToA), the same 4 steps we learned in last month's column for the Table of Contents (ToC):

  1. Format the ToA page
  2. Define
  3. Mark
  4. Generate

• 1. Format the ToA page

As discussed in detail last month, it's best to take care of a few details first, like a title and page numbering:

A. Insert a new page for the ToA. Move your cursor to the bottom of the pleading, then start a new page with the “page break” keystroke (Ctrl+Enter).

B. Set page numbering. Without moving the cursor (it should still be at the top of the ToA page), use Format, Page, Numbering (as discussed in detail last month) to set the Value to 1 (so that the first page of the ToA is counted as the first) and to select Roman Numerals (i or -I-).

C. Press Enter a few times then type the title (perhaps “TABLE OF AUTHORITIES”).

D. Press Enter 3 or 4 times then type the section names: Cases, Statutes, Misc., etc. (as needed). Leave two or three blank lines between each section. Format as desired (indented, all caps, bold, etc.)

• 2. Define.

Use Tools, Reference, Table of Authorities to bring up the ToA feature bar. (In WP7, use Tools, Generate, Table of Authorities; in WP6.x, use Tools, Table of Authorities.) Now you'll see several buttons near the screen top, beginning at left with “Short form” and ending at the right with “Generate”.

Repeat the following 6 steps for each section (“Cases”, “Statutes”, “Misc.”, ...)

A. Move your cursor onto a blank line below the section name.

B. Click the “Define” button to bring up the ToA definition screen.

C. Click the “Create” button and type the section name (“Cases”, “Statutes”, ...).

D. Make sure “underlining allowed” is checked.

E. Press Enter (or click OK).

F. Click the “Insert” button and a marker will appear: “<<ToA will generate here>>”.

Place a definition code (and marker) underneath each section name.

• 3. Mark.

Now you must mark each citation in the pleading:

A. Full Form. The first time you mark a citation, you must provide the full details. (When you mark it again, you simply refer to its “short form” nickname.) To create the full form:

1) Highlight the entire citation.

2) Click the “Create Full Form” button.

3) At the Create Full Form dialog box, select the correct section name, if it's not shown already.

4) Optionally, abbreviate the “short form” shown, and click “OK”.

5) At the resulting edit screen, edit the full form to show exactly the text you wish to appear in the ToA. If the citation is more than one line, you may choose where to break the line, using Enter and Indent to format it. When done, close the edit window.

B. Short Form. Once a Full Form has been defined, the second time (and thereafter) the pleading refers to the same citation, you don't need to highlight it. Just:

1) Place your cursor in the text of the citation,

2) Choose it from the list of short forms (the field to the left of the “Mark” button), and

3) Click the “Mark” button.

C. Strategy. You may mark the citations as you type and edit the document, or you may find it less vulnerable to missing one if you do all the marking after the document is finalized, proceeding top to bottom. If text containing citations has been copied from other pleadings, ToA codes may have been copied as well; to avoid problems, you may want to cleanse the document first:
Use Find and Replace/F2 (then Match, Codes) to search for “T.O.A.” codes and replace them with nothing.

• 4. Generate.

A. After marking some or all of the citations, you are ready to create the ToA. Click the “Generate” button near the top right of your screen. (It doesn't matter where your cursor is when you do this.) This will copy all the Full Forms into the sections you defined on the ToA page, along with page numbers for both the Full and Short Forms.

B. You will need to regenerate the ToA if any marked citations are changed, or if enough text is added or deleted to the document to shift a cite onto a different page.

C. To remove the ToA feature bar, click the “Close” button at the right edge.

A Note About Editing the ToA: Don't! You may edit the title and headings, or format the whole page, but do NOT edit the text of the ToA sections. The text below each section heading (between the [Gen Txt] codes) is deleted and re-created each time a ToA or ToC is generated. Any edits you make to these sections will be lost when you generate. To edit the text of entries in the ToA, use the “Edit Full Form” button. This will allow you to edit the entries (in a permanent way) that will be copied the next time you generate.

Copyright (C) 2003 by microCounsel. All rights reserved.

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