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System Requirements

To view the video, here is what's needed:

  • Free "player" software from Microsoft, RealNetworks, or Apple:

    Download Windows Media Player software Windows Media Player™ from Microsoft.
    Download now if you don't have version 6.4 or higher.
      <<< Click to download

    Download RealPlayer software RealPlayer™ from RealNetworks.
    Download now if you don't have version 8 or higher.

    Download Quicktime Player software Quicktime® player from Apple.
    Download now if you don't have version 6 or higher.

  • Internet access to the World Wide Web and standard web browser software (such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer).
  • 56 Kbps modem connection as a bare minimum. Faster is better.
Tips For Viewing Webcasts

You must install free "player" software before you can view a webcast:
Windows Media Player™, RealPlayer™, or Quicktime® player
You'll need to update your player if your version is lower than
Windows Media Player 6.4, RealPlayer 8, or Quicktime 6.

To play a webcast on our home page, click the name of your media player shown below the picture,
Windows Media Player
Quicktime (if shown)

A high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable ...) is strongly recommended for the best visual experience. Dial-up 56 Kbps connections provide poor video quality, a tiny screen, and sometimes require patience.

Interruptions in streaming video are often due to Internet congestion. Heavy traffic can cause delays in streaming service, even for high-speed connections. Wait a minute and try again.

Corporate firewalls sometimes introduce challenges for streaming media. You may have to connect to us from outside of the firewall or ask your network administrator for assistance.


Player problems are often helped by reloading the web page:
Hit your browser's Refresh/Reload button.

These steps will improve your video quality:

  • Close all other programs on your computer.
  • Don't resize the player window.

To turn up audio volume, use the volume level icon on the media player screen, or Windows users can hit [Start] Settings|Control Panel|Sounds.

An "Error 11" message appears when you attempt to play content with an older version of the player. If you do not have the most recent version of the Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or Quicktime player, download it now by clicking an icon in the System Requirements section above.

Windows Media Player users, check Tools|Options|Performance (tab), to make sure you have "Detect connection speed" selected in the Connection speed section.

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