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January 2, 2009
Kendall Callas
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What if Neanderthal survived?

San Francisco — The drama of man's ancient past is spotlighted in a unique new script for sale by author Kendall Callas. ‘Neanderthal’ feeds society’s growing interest in the prehistoric roots of man with a modern day tale of forbidden love and war between species. Built on a foundation of historical drama, the story is flavored with ‘fireweaving,’ cannibalism, cross-species sex, and a primitive duel.

‘Neanderthal’ online: www.Neanderthal.TV and DVD.
Visit via web to watch streaming video of the 10-minute promo movie, see production stills, and read a treatment and synopsis of the ‘Neanderthal’ script. Call or e-mail to request the promo movie on DVD.

Mr. Callas is a 20-year veteran computer trainer, consultant, and columnist, specializing in law office automation. He frequently authors articles on computer and travel topics. He is past president of the San Francisco PC Users Group and has been profiled in InfoWorld and WordPerfect Magazine. He was educated at UC Berkeley (BS in Business) and lives in San Francisco.

Drawing on his interest in ancient history, Mr. Callas comments:

The fact that Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa 50,000 years ago, and promptly wiped out — directly or indirectly — 3/4 of the large mammals on each continent, including all other forms of man, is an ancient crime that most of us didn’t even know we committed. Today we are coping with a ripple of the same issue: How guilty should modern Americans feel about the near genocide of native Americans? How long should we feel guilt over sins of the past ... 300 years ... 30,000 years?

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