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Productivity Planning

Abraham Lincoln said it best:

"If I was given eight hours to chop down a tree,
I'd spend the first six sharpening my axe."

We offer planning and solutions to help you sharpen WordPerfect's edge to save time and increase productivity in your office. You'll be impressed with the productivity payoff, reduced errors, and improved office morale from an investment in WordPerfect training and document automation.

We specialize in optimizing WordPerfect for professionals and office staff
-- people with limited time and a practical focus.

Intelligent forms

Macro, merge, and template programming (with QuickCorrect/QuickWords and the Address Book)
make fill-in-the-blank documents fast and easy to use while avoiding errors. We're happy
to work with you to package your special needs into 1-button solutions and automated forms.

Services For Peak Performance

  • Answers By Phone: Quick solutions when you need them
  • Implementation planning: Assure successful introduction of WordPerfect, maximum productivity, and painless conversion to WordPerfect.
  • Strategy consulting: Is a macro, merge, or template best for your new project?
    Are you leveraging your work with the Address Book, tables, and QuickWords — and new features like Variables, Document Map, and Redact? We'll help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your options.
  • Conversion: Migrating? Let us convert and enhance your macros and merge documents to ease the transition.
  • Over-the-shoulder assistance: Tutoring and project support.
  • User groups: Guided in-house meetings for sharing ideas, solutions, and enthusiasm.

Expert Counsel

To assure your success with WordPerfect, we offer a business perspective. You'll benefit from planning and guidance based on our 25 years' experience to help manage the technology and people issues to boost the quality and quantity of your work, and reduce stress.

when you're ready to improve your WordPerfect productivity with training, macros,
in-house user groups, implementation planning, and document assembly.

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