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Macros to Speedup, Simplify, Standardize

"We're all so damn busy choppin' wood, we don't have time to sharpen the ax."
-- Abraham Lincoln

Boost Productivity!
Our WordPerfect Productivity Kit (tm) is a package of macros to boost law office workflow by automating letters, memos, faxes, pleadings, envelopes, form documents, address books, and more. It offers proven solutions to improve office productivity. Our macro package has hundreds of users in law offices nationwide and is endorsed by the Public Interest Clearinghouse.


Click here to download free macros
-- samples of our wares for WordPerfect versions 6 through X8

We also offer customized forms, templates, and macro programming (for Windows, UNIX, and DOS) to create intelligent documents and one-button solutions tailored to your specific needs. (Tell us about your goals -- we've probably done it before. We have functions for patent applications, interrogatory and paragraph numbering, Bates numbering labels, mass mailing, batch printing, faxing, graphic signatures, dialing phone numbers from documents, rolodex lookup, large scale file processing, ASCII upload to mainframe, and lots in between.)

Macros For Speed & Simplicity

WordPerfect macros and templates offer exceptional tools for boosting productivity:

  • Speedup, simplify, and standardize your forms and frequently used documents.
  • Faster and easier forms and frequent tasks. Magnify WordPerfect's power; simplify document creation for new and temp staff, infrequent and novice users.
  • Save time and respond quickly - use single keystrokes to perform document assembly
    and word processing magic!
  • Save money and avoid jockeying paper trays by printing your own letterhead, pleading paper, and forms on plain paper through your laser printer!

Invest In Productivity

  • Save time creating and managing your documents.
  • Reduce turnover, boost morale by easing stress with improved tools to
    speedup work and meet deadlines.
  • Improve productivity, avoid mistakes, and find better ways to handle documents and details.

about your special macro needs.

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