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Training to Improve Skills and Morale

In 25 years of making computers work, we've found training to be the key.
Our learner-directed approach, with short digestible sessions,
is designed to deliver a productivity payoff and boost office morale.
On-site lessons save transit time, limit lost work hours, and ease scheduling.
Telephone tutorials deliver guidance at your desk, at your convenience.
Online training and support from a law office specialist.
Ask about our MCLE-approved classes for Law Practice Management credit.

"Most offices ignore the cardinal rule that an amount equal to
25 percent of the total investment in hardware and software
should be earmarked for initial and ongoing training."
--- Law Practice Management

On-Site, On Target

microCounsel offers results-oriented training designed for professionals and office staff
-- people with limited time and a practical focus.

By phone or in person, we focus on improving comprehension with these proven secrets
for your training success: Short sessions, small groups, in your office.

Hands-on training with an expert instructor is the most effective, time-saving way to learn. With real examples and immediate answers, students accelerate through the basics to quickly learn the efficiency tips they need to achieve high productivity.

Invest In Productivity

  • Save time creating and managing documents, lists, labels, forms, newsletters, and brochures.
  • Improve productivity and introduce new ways to handle your documents and information.
  • Reduce turnover and boost morale by improving employee skills and job satisfaction.
  • Use our brief, clear handouts -- avoid struggling with manuals written in computerese.

Online training and support

  • Screen-to-screen connection for training and guidance from a law office specialist.

Telephone Tutorials (by e-mail, too!)

  • Telephone solutions: Answers when you need them.
    Problem-solving and troubleshooting to handle your questions and emergencies.
    Consulting to plan long-term productivity.
  • Telephone tutorials: Learn by phone at your computer as we direct you step-by-step.
    One-on-one training with an expert WordPerfect Instructor
    -- you control the pace and content.

What You'll Like Most

  • The convenience of in-house sessions
  • Short sessions and flexible scheduling
  • Problems solved, not just questions answered
  • Our 25 years' experience making computers work

WordPerfect Fast & Easy


  • Your goals are our focus
  • Examples drawn from your own work
  • Your feedback sets the pace and level

  • 1 or 2 hour lessons for better comprehension
  • Easy to fit into a busy schedule
  • Students reinforce their new skills by practicing before meeting again
  • You'll still have time and energy to get the day's work done

  • Learn at your desk, in a familiar, relaxed setting
  • Learn skills on-the-job -- with exactly the same equipment, documents, and directory structure you'll later use
  • Save transit time
  • Instructor is on hand for after-class advice and problem-solving

  • More instructor/student interaction
  • Immediate answers to questions
  • Easier matching of students by ability and needs

to inquire about curriculum, grouping students, and scheduling.

Kendall Callas founded microCounsel in 1983 to help manage technology in the office. He is a career WordPerfect consultant, past president of the San Francisco PC Users Group (1990-1992), and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, school of business.

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