[Neanderthal poster] Neanderthal
A dramatic short video (10:42)
about the hottest topic in science today.


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A science fiction drama about human evolutionary history,
[David fireweaves] written, directed, and edited by Kendall Callas.

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“The fact that Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa 40,000 years ago, and promptly wiped out — directly or indirectly — 3/4 of the large mammals on each continent, including all other forms of man, is an ancient crime that most of us didn’t even know we committed.”

Neanderthal News

Cracking Neanderthal DNA!

Newsweek devoted a full page to the July 2006 announcement by the Max Planck Institute of a project to sequence the Neanderthal genome. Now, the results are in!

Cracking the Neanderthal genome is an event that will reverborate in the history of science. By comparing their genetic sequence to ours, we will learn a lot about the brain and complex behavior (such as walking and language). A victory of technology, a new DNA sequencing technology has made 45,000-year old bones speak!

Soon public interest in Neanderthal will leap. A public relations explosion will seize the media as results of the project to map the Neanderthal genome are digested.

The script is getting great reviews!

Independent Filmmakers Alliance coverage:
  • There are some highly original ideas at work here ... Concept: “8”

American Screenwriters Association coverage:

  • “This is an original sci fi thriller set in the youthful world of dorm rooms and college pubs. The idea of Neanderthals secretly living amongst humans or "sapes" and plotting total annihilation is intriguing and very high concept. Males will like the action and sci fi storyline while female audiences will like the strong female character and romance elements.”

  • The writer cleverly utilizes a familiar setting, college life, but from an unfamiliar perspective, giving the story an edgy feel. Nicely done!”

  • This should lure a wide audience and is very high concept. It's like PLANET OF THE APES meets MEN IN BLACK with a little ENCINO MAN thrown in on a college campus setting.

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