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WordPerfect in the Law Office

Saving Time, Boosting Productivity in the Law Office
with WordPerfect Training & Macros

microCounsel specializes in optimizing WordPerfect for attorneys and legal staff -- people with limited time and a practical focus. Our references list law firms of all sizes, including Brobeck Phleger & Harrison, Cooley Godward Castro Huddleson & Tatum, Steefel Levitt & Weiss, Law Offices of Lawrence Kern, Law Offices of Arnold Laub, the Boccardo Law Offices, and the US Bankruptcy Court.

microCounsel president Kendall Callas is a veteran law office consultant and frequent author of articles about WordPerfect and improving law office work flow. With 15 years' experience, he has the nuts-and-bolts law office solutions to make your computers a success. He has been profiled in InfoWorld and WordPerfect Magazine . As a career WordPerfect consultant and Corel Certified WordPerfect Expert, you can be certain of his expertise.

We can rev your office into high gear using these new tools which are fast becoming a key to success in the practice of law. WordPerfect can dramatically reduce document drafting time and improve attorney productivity -- but only with proper training and support.

Boost productivity with our WordPerfect Productivity Kit (tm), a package of macros to automate pleadings, letters, faxes, memos, labels, and envelopes to improve law office efficiency.

Please explore the information here about the productivity payoff we can deliver through our training, document automation, and planning and consulting services.

with your questions and to discuss our work with other firms in your field, pricing, telephone tutorials, online training, attorney training, policy planning, and document assembly systems.

Thank you!

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